Family Camp

Family Camp

July 9-16, 2023.

Family Camp is a great way to kick off the summer with your family. With exciting programming for kids, teens, adults and toddlers, Family Camp promises to be a week the whole family will enjoy together.

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To book cabin, tent, or trailer sites for Family Camp by:

  • Visit our Booking Page here
  • Calling the office 519-285-3334  or
  • Emailing at

Registration is free, but does not include accommodations or meals. Some off-site activities may have additional costs associated with them.

Transformed Lives at Maple Grove

For 76 years, people have been meeting a living God at Maple Grove. Lives have been transformed.

Maple Grove Family Camp is a place where children, teens, and adults have come to have fun and to be touched by God. Countless people have met Jesus for the first time at Maple Grove. And many have rededicated their lives too.

Maple Grove has been a place where people have been impacted by the touch of the Holy Spirit. Make Maple Grove a place to get touched by God this year!