Board of Directors

Contact the Board

To contact the Board of Directors, please email This email is monitored by the board members.

Board of DirectorS

Janice Smith

Jonathan Duchene

  • Board of Directors President/Chair
Sarah Martin

Suzie Davis

  • Board of Directors Vice President
  • Fundraising Committee Chair
Bryan Gast

Bryan Gast

  • Lot Lease Holders Association Liase
Sonja Merritt

Sarah Martin

  • Program Team Chair
Jonathan DuChene

Sonja Merritt

  • Secretary
  • Spiritual Life Team Chair

Connie Lofthouse-Bylstra

  • Treasurer
  • Finance Team Chair
Arend Korten

Rev. Neale Robb

  • Nominating Team Chair
Matt Robinson

Dan Hoover

  • Facilities Team Chair
Bill Cornish

Deanna Millward

  • Administrative Team Chair

Upcoming Board Meeting Dates

The Board will be meeting on the following dates. Please pray for the Lord’s direction as they conduct the business of Maple Grove.

  • October 1. 2022. 8:30am
  • November 28. 2022 7:00pm (by zoom)
  • February 6. 2023. 7:00pm (by zoom)
  • April 3. 2023. 7:00pm (by zoom)
  • May 6. 2023. 8:30am
  • June 17. 2023. 8:30am
  • July 7. 2023. 7:00pm