COVID-19 Prevention

at Maple Grove

Stopping the spread of COVID-19

ALL camps and guest groups have been cancelled from May 1-August 31, 2020. Until health and government restrictions are lifted, Maple Grove is CLOSED to the general public and the following will be enforced.

11-month lot leaseholders, or "snowbirds", may live on our grounds.

11-month lot leaseholders, or “snowbirds”, who do not have another Canadian residence may continue to live on our grounds during the pandemic.


6-month lot leaseholders allowed overnight access.

Starting May 16, six-month seasonal lot leaseholders will be allowed 24/7 access to their own lots, including overnight stays. Only those you live with may be in your space. Campfires are allowed unless there is a fire ban. Please bring groceries and necessities with you instead of shopping in stores near our grounds.

No guests allowed.

Maple Grove is closed to the general public and no guests are allowed. Lot leaseholders are prohibited from bringing anyone to Maple Grove who they do not live with. Parents/guardians are responsible to keep their children on their own lot and practice physical distancing.

All public spaces are closed.

All recreational and shared facilities on our grounds are closed. This includes but is not limited to the pool, public bathrooms, basketball and volleyball courts, playgrounds, library, baseball diamond, hiking trails, tabernacle, lounge, prayer chapel, kitchen, dining hall, sitting areas and campfire pit in the camp square, soccer field, green spaces, and laundry.

Office closed, staff still working.

Our office is closed, but we are answering emails and calls, and receiving physical mail. If you need to give us paperwork, keys, or cheques, please drop them off in our mail slot by the Office main door. 


Physical distancing MUST be practiced at ALL times.

To reduce and slow the spread of COVID-19, everyone on our grounds must practice physical distancing at all times. Learn more about physical distancing here.

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